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(PRWEB) March 21, 2012

Electric cigarettes are now starting to become common place throughout bars and clubs across the UK. One of the reasons is that they offer smokers a genuine alternative to tobacco cigarettes as they get the nicotine and smoke feeling that they crave. There is also a good environmental argument too, as electric cigarettes do not produce a bad tobacco smell or second hand smoke. Freedom cigarettes, one of the top e-cig companies who have only been in business just under a year, are experiencing more and more demand from smokers wanting to make the switch.

The LTD black limited edition was designed by Richard Power of Freedom cigarettes to offer a classy, compact electric cigarette kit containing; a battery, an atomiser, a USB charger and five premium e-liquid refills.

The idea was to make a kit the same size as a traditional packet of cigarette which would fit easily in your pocket or hand bag. We are a gateway electric cigarette company, which means that we mainly cater for the existing tobacco smokers wanting to find a healthier and more sociable alternative. We could sell many more of these kits, but from the beginning I wanted to keep it as a true limited edition to make people feel like they had bough something to treasure. You never know, maybe in years to come they will be sold on e-bay at a premium! commented Richard of Freedom Cigarettes.

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